In 2009, God came to me in the flesh, held out his hand, and gave me my first red compact digital camera...he looked me in my eyes and said these exact words: "Take this camera...the world needs to see what you see...and don't stop. At that moment, I realized that God allowed me take on a gift that is truly bigger than myself. 

Since that moment, everything that I could possibly lay my eyes on, I captured. My passion started off as just a hobby and it went no where else but up from there. I've had the opportunity to have my work featured in some of the most amazing publications (i.e VOGUE) and work with some of the most beautiful people within these 8 years of my career. To me, photography just isn't about taking a photo in the moment, it's about capturing the subject in it's most purest form and true element. 

[My goal is to provide artistic and captivating photography services that is guaranteed to capture the true essence that lies within each and every person I come in contact with.]

My heart shows it's true beauty with every click of my shutter, and I realized that God gave me the gift to see the beauty in things that no one takes the time to see. 

"There are moments, you have to stop, look around, and realize that God is watching and guiding you through this life, and at some point in this lifetime he will say enough. So do what you have always dreamed of..."


Darius Voncel